Auto Craft Collision Center
Frequently Asked Questions

  Do I need more than one estimate?  

 No, You the policy owner have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle , Many insurance companies will try to urge you to one of their preferred shops, but the choice is yours to make.

    Do you guarantee your repairs?
Yes. Auto Craft Collision Center will guarantee
Our repair for as long as you own your vehicle, We provide you with a written register warranty from the Automotive Customers Relations Bureau.

   How long will the repair take?
That depends on the amount of damage to your vehicle , can vary per job .

   When do I pay for my repairs?
We collect payment in full at the time of pick up. If your going through your insurance company your deductible will be collected at the pick up time . Insurance companies differ , some will send the insurance check to you , some will send it to the body shop . If we are doing a restoration for you we do request a deposit up front the dollar amount varies on the size of the job .

   What happens if you find more damage to my car ?
If it is insurance we call that a supplement , most insurance companies will send a check directly to the body shop after all repairs are done and the vehicle is delivered.

   Will I get all new parts on my vehicle?
Many insurance companies will have us look for recycled parts and many will have us look for after market or economy parts , After market or economy parts are new ,but made by someone other then your manufacturer. When we use a recycled part we make sure it is a guality part. In many cases the damage will be repaired instead of replaced.